Negative Nancy

Negative Nancy
Monday, 21 January 2013
Group Admins:
  • I have been trying to join the OMJ Stanly County group on FB and no one will answer my request, what is going on with that and there is admin on there but here I wait another day. Please help me, there is lots of great deals on there and I can't buy them and it's upsetting me to see them go bye bye because someone want answer my request .PLEASE PLEASE HELP !! or will this go un- notice as well
    groups.wall 107 days ago
If you absolutely, positively have to kick and scream about something, here's the place to do it. Let your frustrations go for all to see but do it in a nice way. ;)
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I've had the same problem as Kristina and Katie, I've tried to join multiple times and they deny my request. I went as far as to e-mail every single admin, and received not a single letter back. Why be an admin if you're not going to reply to the community. It's frustrating, because OMJ's a great medium for buying and selling, but when you've got admins (whom I picture to be tyrannical baboons) continually denying people access to an OPEN medium, then it makes OMJ lose some of its appeal.
Last replied by Trevor Hovis on Tuesday, 29 July 2014
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