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The Mission Of One Man's Junk!

To build a SAFE, POSITIVE Online Community where people can help each other with advice and deals on goods and services. A place where the Retailer is NOT king, the economy DOESN'T dictate and KARMA does exist. Follow the Golden Rule...Do unto to others as you would have done to you. Thanks for being a part of the One Man's Junk Community. Keep JUNKIN'!

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Steps To Selling Success on OMJ!

1. Make sure you are registered with your real name and have an actual, recent photo of you as your profile picture. Also, be sure the information on your profile is correct. Autofill sometimes puts the wrong info in the required fields. Any posts made prior to meeting the profile requirements will be automatically removed. Any profile thought to be fake or false may be suspended until you provide proof that it is actually you.

2. Start building your own personal network of buyers and sellers by sending out Friend Requests to others in your local area. The more buyers and sellers you are connected with, the more exposure your items get and the faster you buy or sell. To find other locals simply go to your profile page and click on your County and you will get a list of everyone else on the site in that County or use the SEARCH or ADVANCE SEARCH option from the Friends tab on your home or profile page. Upgrade to an OMJ-VIP to be able to send UNLIMITED daily friend requests. 

3. Start posting ads! Just click on NEW AD on the left of the site and go from there. Once your ad is posted, use the SHARE options found at the bottom of your ads to proactively put it out there for others to see. You may notice when looking at your ads in the list (click MY ADS on the left of the site to find your ads or they are also all listed at the bottom of your profile page) that they show how many HITS each one has had. This is the number of people that have looked at your ad. We have no way of knowing anything beyond that, however, we have noticed that the average item sells somewhere between 150 and 300 HITS, so get to sharing your ads to reach those HITS as quickly as possible. This is Social Selling baby!

4. Upgrade to an OMJ-VIP (Verified Internet Profile). This will help you with every aspect of success on OMJ! Selling, Buying and Friending. People are very cautious today, as they should be, because a lot of bad things happen to people but when you see that OMJ-VIP Banner across someones profile picture, you can take comfort in knowing that they are not a major felon or sex offender and that they are true to who they say they are on their profile. For a mere $1 a month (billed $12 annually) you can give your potential customers that same peace of mind. This will make you way more money than it costs you and you can reference it anywhere you do business online. Just tell people..."I am Verified on OMJ!". OMJ! will always reccommend that you do business with people you personally know and OMJ-VIP's!

Use the Orange SHARE button at the top of the site to SHARE the page you are currently looking at to Facebook, Twitter, Digg and many other sites as well as in Email. You should also use the Orangs SHARE button to invite others to join us on OMJ! The more people that see your Junk, the more Junk you sell. So SHARE IT, SHARE IT, SHARE IT and INVITE, INVITE, INVITE! Sharing is caring. :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why am I getting the Access Prohibited Message?

A:  If you are getting an ACCESS PROHIBITED message, this means you did not complete Registration. On the right side of the page that says ACCESS PROHIBITED you will see a link that says SUBSCRIBE. Click that, select your membership type and on the next page click CHECKOUT. Registration is NOT completed until you have clicked the CHECKOUT button.


Q: How come I don't see anything posted on my Home Page?

A: By default, you will only see posts in the main thread from you and your OMJlist Friends, so you will want to make lots of Local Friends (Remember, Verified members are best if you do not personally know them). To do this, just go to your profile page and click on your County. This will bring up a list of everyone on the site that is in your county. NOTE: You can still look at EVERYTHING being posted by everyone in the main thread by clicking VIEW ALL directly under the Share button in your status update box.


Q:  Why do I have to have an actual photo of Me as my Profile photo at all times on OMJ!?

A:  This is a Safety Measure for all members of the OMJ Community. We have all heard the horror stories of people meeting up with people from the internet and something bad happens to them. On OMJ, we are building a site that will allow you to get to know some things about the person before you meet with them. You can look at their profile, see what other members have to say about them and if they are VERIFIED (OMJ-VIP), you know that OMJ has checked them out and they are EXACTLY who they say they are on their profile. So no hiding behind some bogus photo. Put a photo of yourself as your Profile photo or your account will be suspended. NO EXCEPTION! 


Q: How do I upload a profile picture? 

A: Go to your Home page and above your Status Update box is a row of Tabs. The middle tab says PROFILE. Place your mouse on the Profile tab and select CHANGE PROFILE PICTURE from the drop down window. 


Q: What if I do not want to upload a photo of myself?

A: Profiles that fail to meet the Profile requirements of being registered with your real name and having an actual recent photo of you as your profile pic at all times will eventually be deleted. Any Classified Ads seen to be posted by a member that has not  met these requirements will be deleted immediately. So be sure to have your pic up BEFORE you start posting items.


 Q:  Why would I want to become a OMJ-VIP (Verified Internet Profile) Member?

A: Well if supporting the OMJ! you love with $12 a YEAR (That's Annually y'all. So like $1 a MONTH) for the service we provide you (which helps us continue to improve the site for you) isn't enough of a reason, then go VIP for your own Safety, the safety of others and to be able to sell more Junk!  Being an OMJ-VIP Member of the One Man's Junk Community gives you instant credibility with other members in the OMJ Community (your Buyers and Sellers). Looking at some of the mistakes other sites on the net have made, we wanted to be sure not to make the same ones. All OMJ-VIP's are put through a simple Public Record Background Check (People Search, Local & National Criminal Check, National Sex Offender Check, Active Warrant Check and a Social Profile Check. No personal information is collected.) to confirm that they are true to their profile and they have no obvious, major criminal background. This does NOT mean they are good to do business with. We will let the Member Ratings System (Gifts Received) determine that. When you are a VERIFIED OMJ Member, you are saying I am REAL and want to deal with other REAL people. As we build this Community of Buyers and Sellers, our #1 Priority is you, our members, and your Safety. Help us make that happen. GO VIP TODAY! PLUS! As a VIP Member you can upload UNLIMITED photos per day (free members get 30), you're allowed Unlimited Private Messages per day (free members get 30), Unlimited Friend Requests per day (free members get 10) and you can Create Events (free members can not). Click the GET VIP STATUS link at the top of the site! 

Q:  What if I do not have a Paypal Account?

A:  You do NOT need a Paypal Account to become a Verified Member. When Upgrading, click the CHECKOUT button and when redirected to the Paypal Login Page, just below the Login you will see the option to pay with a Credit card or Debit card.


Q:  Am I safe to do business with someone that is NOT Verified?

A:  That we don't know and should you decide to, you will be doing so at your own discretion and risk. At a price point of only $12 a year to be Verified, that is typically NOT the reason someone hasn't gotten Verified. It's more likely that there is some other reason. So at the very least, we suggest you ask them why they are not Verified but OMJ suggests that the BEST practice is to do business with OMJ-VIP  Members of the OMJ Community and people you personally know.


Q: How can I see ONLY Ads that are local to me?

A: If the friends you add on the site are local to you, than everything you see listed on your home page will be local to you as well. When searching in the Classifieds Section of the site, you will see the search box in the top right corner. There, click on Advance Search. You will now have MANY search options but ones to notice are the COUNTY and STATE fields. Just type your County and State in there and click SUBMIT and it will pull up only ads listed in your County and State. 


Q:  How long is my Classified Ad good for?

A:  On OMJ when you post a Classified ad in our Classifieds, it will be there for 90 days but it's not only there. When you post an ad on OMJlist, we automatically, one time, post that ad to our facebook page (, our twitter account ( and to the proper facebook group according to the County/State you have listed in your ad. We do this to get your item out there and help you find a buyer. We encourage you to use the SHARE features on the bottom of your ads to manually share your items to other places on the internet as often as possible. It's Social Selling! If your item sells before it expires, OMJ asks that you please go DELETE the ad yourself.

Q: What does it mean when my Classifed Ad has "HITS" on it?

A: HITS is simply the number of people that have looked at your Ad. There is no way to see who they were just how many "HITS" it has had, however, we have noticed a distinct pattern that a typical item usually sells once it receives between 150 and 300 HITS. So SHARE, SHARE, SHARE your ad and get those HITS to sell it faster.


Q: Am I allowed to post an item in the classified in more than 1 category?

A: If you have an item that works with more than one Category, you may post it in up to 2 Categories but no more than 2. For Example: A Hot Tub would fit in Health & Fitness and Recreation & Leisure. Items found to be listed in more than 2 Categories or listed in Categories that do not apply to the item just so it's listed again, will result in the deletion of ALL posts for that item.

Q:  How do I find more local "FRIENDS" to add to my OMJ Network?

A:  If you go to your PROFILE page and click on your COUNTY or CITY or STATE, it will pull up everyone else in the OMJ Community that matches your COUNTY or CITY or STATE. NOTE: Don't see many people in your area on OMJ!? use the Orange SHARE button at the top of the site to invite others in your area to join

Q:  What if someone is posting things I don't want to see in my HOME thread?

A:  The beauty of is that you build and Police your own personal network. If someone is clogging your HOME thread with stuff you have no interest in, being rude or obnoxious or whatever, you can simply remove them as a "FRIEND" in your network. If they continue to harass you with private messages etc., you can go to anyone's profile page and BLOCK them all together.

Q: Can I SHARE my items from One Man's Junk to other sites on the internet?

A:  Yes! Use the SHARE options on the bottom of your ads or use the Orange SHARE button at the top of the site to share the exact page you are looking at when you use it. See something that someone you know is looking for? Use these buttons to share it on their FB Wall or shoot it to them in an email. That's Social Selling baby! 

Q:  Is there a way to Rate other users of the OMJ Community?

A:  Yes! At the bottom of everyone's profile page is a BIG button that says "SEND A GIFT". Here you have the ability to send a gift to an OMJ member that reflects your experience with that user. Each gift costs you anywhere from 1 to 30 points to send. Above the SEND A GIFT button is a bar that show's what gifts that OMJ Member has received. **NOTE**...After a gift is sent, there is NO WAY to remove that gift, so PLEASE give gifts responsibly.

Q:  How do I know how many points I have to spend and how can I get more?

A:  On your profile page you will see a Green Box that says POINTS. These are the points you currently have. You earn points by being active in the OMJ Community. Here is what you get points for...

...Upload A Profile Pic - 3pts, Post a Classified Ad - 1pt, Create a photo album - 1pt, Upload a picture - 1pt, Approve a Friend Request - 1pt, Post a Status update - 1pt, Update your profile - 1pt, Send a Private Message - 1pt, Reply to a private message - 1pt


Q:  Why am I having trouble uploading a photo to my profile and/or to the classifieds?

A:  If you are having problems uploading images to your ads or profile, it is usually one of two things. 1 Your photo is too big. Must be under 2mb. Here is a free online pic resizer if you believe this is the issue: 2. You are using Internet Explorer as your web browser. If this is the case, switch to Chrome (BEST) or Firefox.


Q: How do I delete my profile?

A: Go to profile>preferences>delete profile

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