Acceptance of Terms

1.)   The name “One Mans Junk”, the abbreviation “OMJ”, the OMJ! Logo and all official OMJ Docs are the Intellectual Property and Copyrights/Trademarks of OMJ and are not allowed to be altered or used in any capacity, including, but not limited to, opening any additional OMJ Groups, web sites, internet pages etc. Violators of this will be prosecuted in a court of law.

2.)   OMJ User Terms & Conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.

3.)   OMJ is in NO WAY responsible for anything posted by any of the members of the OMJ! One Man’s Junk network. Furthermore, OMJ will not be held, in any way, liable for anything posted or any transactions made through any of the OMJ network. This includes but is not limited to money, trades and/or promises. You take full responsibility for your own posts, comments and/or dealings with others and agree to use the OMJ network at your own risk and you agree to indemnify and hold harmless OMJ, it's officers, owners, admins, and staff for any issue that arise throughout your use of OMJ.

4.)   OMJ reserves the right to remove any post for any reason without notice or explanation.

5.)   It is required that all personal profiles (Free and OMJ-VIP) must be registered with your real legal name and you must have an clear and recent photo of you as your profile picture at all times. Anything posted/listed on the site by profiles that fail to meet these requirements will be deleted and, if these profile requirements are not met within 72 hours of joining, those profiles will be suspended.

6.)   OMJ asks that once a post/listing (Classified, Auction or Status Photo listing) is no longer valid, that you delete that post IMMEDIATELY. See "managing posts" in the tab menu above.

7.)   OMJ is a place to list goods, services and things you are seeking or selling. We strive to keep this a fun and positive environment. If you have an issue with a buyer or seller, please take that up with the person or company on an individual basis via private message or e-mail in a courteous and professional manner. OMJ does not get involved in member disputes for any reason.

8.)   For the Safety of all of our OMJ users, if you find a member to be suspicious (ie fake name, profile pic etc.), please Report them so we may investigate. Profiles thought or found to be fake will be deleted.

9.)   Now that OMJ’s official web site,, is live, members have full permission to share as many of their OMJlist Classifieds, Auctions or Photos from OMJlist to any and all of our OMJ FB Groups as much and as often as you like.

Please note, the rules for posting and commenting to the OMJ groups through Facebook are still in effect. By joining you gain benefits that others solely on Facebook won't enjoy.

10.)   Premium members (OMJ-VIP and OMJ Retailer) are annual subscriptions paid with Paypal that will automatically renew 12 months from the day you first became a Premium Member, and every 12 months thereafter, until you cancel it. There is no contract to how long you are a Premium member, however, you are responsible to cancel your subscription in your Paypal account. OMJ! will not cancel your subscription for you and does not issue any refunds if you forget to cancel and your subscription renews

11.) By posting content on you agree that it is public content and that OMJ! One Man's Junk LLC has permission to use it for any promotional material produced by OMJ! such as, but not limited to, videos, print advertisements, commercials etc.

12.)  You may upgrade or downgrade your level of membership at any time. There is no time commitment to how long you remain a paid member of our site and service, however, be advised that once you cancel a subscription, the site will automatically and immediately change your profile back to a free member of OMJlist so you may want to wait until your first year is close to up before canceling your subscription. OMJ! One Man's Junk llc will not issue a refund for any upgraded level of membership, OMJ-VIP or OMJ Retailer, or any paid premium features such as a Featured ad/auction/business listing. 

13) Things Not Allowed on OMJ.

  1. Firearms of ANY kind posted by individuals (Firearms may be posted by OMJ! APPROVED firearms dealers ONLY)
  2. Drugs (prescription or otherwise) 
  3. Drop Side Cribs
  4. Anything known to be illegal (ie counterfeit merchandise, stolen goods etc.)

Please see the Prohibited Items tab above for a complete list of what cannot be listed on any OMJ website or OMJ Facebook group.


Terms of Service Updated - 03/08/2015